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Serious Chefs and people wanting the best barbeque results choose Blackwood’s Hardwood Lump or Briquette Charcoal. You can be assured of superior cooking results as our charcoal is produced using only the best quality dense hardwoods in our own fully integrated modern factory.

The Highest Quality Hardwood Charcoal 100% Natural & Sustainable For Serious Chefs & the Best Barbeques

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Who we are

Our company PT Dharma Hutani Makmur and our brand Blackwood Charcoal was established with the sole purpose of making a sustainable business that is socially and environmentally responsible whilst being equitable to all involved.


When you choose Blackwood Charcoal not only will you be getting some of the highest quality charcoal in the world, you will be supporting the environment. You will notice that both our hardwood lump charcoal and hardwood charcoal briquettes consistently burn hotter and longer than the competition and give you the reliable high heat you need for great cooking results. Extremely low ash content means you can concentrate on your grilling rather than whether the coals will extinguish before you’re ready to eat with friends and family.

Supporting the Environment and Community

In 2013 the Indonesian government awarded our company an industrial forestry license of 41,545 hectares (415.4 Km2) in East Kalimantan. To fulfil our obligations under this license we must reforest the area by planting over 35,000,000 trees by 2028, provide employment opportunities for the local community as well as improve infrastructure in the area. Our production of charcoal helps support the reforestation program and to maintain our business principles we set up a modern charcoal production factory that minimises the environmental impact of production.

The Best Production Methods

We use a closed retort system that recycles all the gases and greatly reduces the release of methane and other greenhouse gases by over 95% compared to traditional kiln production. The retort system also allows us great control over the quality and process and means that all our charcoal is carbonised to temperatures in excess of 500 Celsius. This means a very high carbon and low volatile content which as you will see when you light and use Blackwood Charcoal, means less smoke and almost no flames giving you just the glowing coals you need for great barbeques. Our Charcoal Briquettes are made from the exact same raw material as our lump charcoal and are formed using a small amount of food grade starch binder under pressure of over 1.5 tons/cm2 . You will notice how little ash is left compared to other briquettes you have used in the past....

Work Conditions for Our Employees

Because we recycle the gases and do not let them escape into the air, our employees are not exposed to the harmful working conditions of traditional kiln charcoal production. Our modern factory maintains a strict health and safety policy and we are constantly striving to improve working conditions. The company pays for all employees to be covered under the Indonesian Government’s health and life insurance scheme that now offers the same protection as do many advanced economy’s government ran health and life insurance schemes.


As Blackwood Charcoal is produced from our own commercial forest of nearly 42,000 hectares, using very dense hardwoods you can be assured that every bag of charcoal you buy from us is only from sustainably sourced hardwood. Blackwood Charcoal is the registered trademark of PT Dharma Hutani Makmur (DHM). All charcoal produced by DHM is from wood certified to be legally sourced and from its own licensed forestry concession with the relevant forestry taxes paid in full.


Restaurant Sized Hardwood Lump and Briquette Packaging

Offering great value for restaurants and those who wish to buy in bulk, these 15kg bags of either Blackwood Lump or Blackwood Briquette Charcoal are of the same high quality as our smaller packaging sizes.

Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes

Ideal for your all-round barbequing needs, after lighting your grill will be ready in no time to sear, smoke, satay, sizzle, flame or chargrill your favourite foods. Available in packaging sizes from 2.5kg and greater.

Hardwood Lump Charcoal

If you want to barbeque on very high heat or set a long slow smoke, then Blackwood Hardwood Lump Charcoal is the right choice for serious chefs and the best barbeques. Available in packaging sizes from 2.5 kg and greater.

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